Climatica is a climate science and public interaction initiative developed by postgraduate researchers.  We offer short articles about climate change and the Earth system, written by the scientific experts (from postgraduate researchers to professors) for you!  We explain the basis of the science, how data is collected and what all of the research is telling us.  A range of written articles, video talks, blogs from the field, and opportunities for questions and discussion, mean that there is something for everyone.  Above all, we hope that you enjoy engaging with the wider, and ever important, subject of climate science!

The Climatica project has been developed with the collaboration of the Geological Society and Quaternary Research Association (QRA).  Many postgraduate researchers and distinguished academics have kindly contributed their expertise to the project.  To find out more about the contributors, the project, and the cutting edge research in climate science feel free to browse our website.


For further information, please contact us.  If there is a topic you would like to know more about, let us know and we will find the appropriate expert to write an informative article.


Climatica was created and is managed by postgraduate researchers:


Kathryn Adamson (PhD) is a lecturer and researcher at Queen Mary University of London, UK.  Her research investigates the river systems of the Mediterranean.



Richard Selwyn Jones is a PhD researcher at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.  His research focuses on the response of the Antarctic ice sheet to changes in the climate.



Tim Lane has recently obtained a PhD at Durham University, UK, researching ice streams in west Greenland.